AD - Adjunct

AIN - Advanced Intelligent Network

AMP - AIN maintenance parameter

API - Applications Programming Interface

ASE - Application Service Elements

BCP - Basic Call Process

BCSM - Basic Call State Model

BRI - Basic Rate Interface

BSTP - Broadband Signaling Transfer Point

CCAF - Call Control Agent Function

CCF - Call Control Function

CCM - Call Control Module

CFM - Call Failure Message

CS - Capability Sets

CSM - Call Segment Model

DAA - Directory Assistance Automation

DAP - Data Access Point

DCN - Data Communications Network

DFP - Distributed Functional Plane

DP - Detection Point

EDP - Event Detection Point

EML - Element Management Layer

ETC - Event Trapping Capability

FE - Functional Entity

GDI - Generic Data Interface

GFP - Global Functional Plane

GSL - Global Service Logic

IF - Information Flow

IN - Intelligent Network

IN/1 - Intelligent Network 1

INAP - Intelligent Network Application Protocol «

IP - Intelligent Peripheral

IPC - Intelligent Peripheral Controller

IPI - Intelligent Peripheral Interface

ISCP - Integrated Service Control Point

LIDB - Line Information Database

LNP - Local Number Portability

MACF - Multiple Association Control Function

MP - Mediation Point

MSC - Message Sequence Chart

NAP - Network Accesses Point

NCAS -Noncall Associated Signaling

NCP - Network Control Point

NE - Network Element

NEL - Next Event List

NML - Network Management Layer

NNI - Network-to-Network Interface

NSM - Network Capabilities Manager

OBCM - Originating Basic Call Model

ON A - Open Network Architecture

OOP - Object-Oriented Programming

OPC - Originating Point Code

PCS - Personal Communications Service

PEs - Physical Entities

PIC - Points In Call

POI - Point of Initiation

POR - Point of Return

PP - Physical Plane

RDC - Routing Determination Check

RE - Resource Element

RVT - Routing Verification Test

SCE - Service Creation Environment

SCEP - Service Creation Enviroment Point

SCF - Service Control Function

SCMS - Service Creation And Maintenance System

SCP - Service Control Point

SDF - Service Data Function

SDP - Service Data Point

SIB - Service Independent Building Block

SIBB - Service-Independent Building Block

SLE - Service Logic Editor

SLEE - Service Logic Execution Environment

SLI - Service Logic Interpreter

SLL - Service Logic Language

SLP - Service Logic Program

SM - Session Management

SMAF - Service Management Acces Function

SMAP - Service Management Acces Point

SMF - Service Management Function

SMP - Service Management Point

SMS - Service Management System

SN - Service Node

SOP - Service Order Provisioning

SP - Service Plan

SRF - Specialized Switching Function

SSCP - Service Switching and Control Point

SSF - Service Switching Function

SSP - Service Switching Point

STP - Signaling Transfer Point

TBCM - Terminating Basic Call Model

TCP - Test Call Parameter

TCP - Trigger Check Point

TOP - Trigger Detection Point

TINA - Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture

TMN - Telecommunication Management Network

TSC - Trigger Status Capability

UAN - Universal Access Number

WIN - Wireless Intelligent Network

KM ИСС - Концептуальная Модель ИСС

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