ATM Forum [9.13] приводит стандартизованный список англоязычных сокращений

AAL - ATM Adaptation Layer ABR - Available Bit Rate ACK - Acknowledge ADC - Analogue Digital Convertor

All - Active Input Interface (Used in UNI PMD specs for Copper/Fiber)

AIS - Alarm Indication Signal (UNI Fault Management)

ALO - At Least Once (RPC semantics)

AMO - At Most Once (RPC semantics)

ANSA - Advanced Networked Systems Architecture

AOI - Active Output Interface (Used in UNI PMD specs for Copper/Fiber)

ARM - Advanced RISC Machine

ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ASN. 1 - Abstract Syntax Notation One

ATE - ATM Terminating Equipment (SONET)

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

AUU - ATM User User indication, "the bit", end of AAL5 block marker AVA - ATM Video Adaptor

AVSSCS - Audio-Visual Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (ATM Forum) BARF - Broken

BECN - Backward Explicit Congestion Notification BER - Basic Encoding Rules (ASN. 1 )

BER - Bit Error Rate (link quality specification/testing)

B-HLI - Broadband High Layer Information B-ICI - Broadband Intercarrier Interface

BIP - Bit Interleaved Parity (e.g. SONET BIP-8 for path error monitoring)

BIPV - Bit Interleaved Parity Violation

BIS - Border Intermediate System (ATM Forum, PNNI SWG)

B-ISDN - Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network

B-ISSI - Broadband Inter-Switching System Interface

B-LLI - Broadband Low Layer Information

BOM - Begining of Message

BSS - Broadband Switching System

CAC - Connection Admission Control

CBN - Cambridge Backbone Network

CBR - Constant Bit Rate

CCD - Charge Coupled Detector (part of a camera)

CDV - Cell Delay Variation

CEI - Connection Endpoint Identifier (UNI 3.0)

CES - Circuit Emulation Service CIR-Committed Information Rate CLP - Cell Loss Priority CLR - Cell Loss Ratio

CLP - Cell Loss Priority (a bit in a B-ISDN cell header)

CMISE - Common Management Information Service Element CNR - Complex Node Representation (ATM Forum, PNNI SWG)

CPCS - Common Part Convergence Sublayer CPE - Customer Premise Equipment CPI - Common Part Indicator CRC - Cyclical Redundancy Check

CRF(VC) - Virtual Channel Connection Related Function (related to UPCAJNI 3.0) CRF(VP) - Virtual Path Connection Related Function (related to UPC/UNI 3.0) CRS - Cell Relay Service CS - Convergence Sublayer (as in CS_PDU)

CTD - Cell Transfer Delay

CUCL - University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory DAC - Digital to Analogue Convertor DAN - Desk Area Network

DCT - Discrete Cosine Transform (used in video compression)

DFS - DAN Frame Store DMA - Direct Memory Access

DPL - Distributed Programming Language (part of ANSA)

DRAM - Dynamic RAM

DSP - Digital Signal Processor

DSX - Digital Signal Cross-Connect

DXI - Data Exchange Interface

El -2 Mbit/sec

E2 - 8 Mbit/sec

E3 - 34 Mbit/sec

EATM - EISA ATM (an adaptor)

ECL - Emitter Coupled Logic

EDFG - Edge Device Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

EDL - Ethernet Data Link

EFCI - Explicit Forward Congestion Indication

EISA - Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture (a bus)

ELAN - Emulated LAN (ATM Forum LANE)

EOM - End of Message

EPRCA - Enhanced Proportional Rate Control Algorithm (ATM Forum)

ESIC - EISA control ASIC

EXO - Exactly Once (RPC semantics)

FAS - Framing and Sequencing

FCVC - Flow Controlled Virtual Circuit

FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDL - Forty-eight Data Link

FEA - Functional Entity Action (UNI 3.0, C.3.2.3)

FEBE - Far End Block Error (SONET)

FECN - Forward Explicit Congestion Notification FG - Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

FIFO - First In First Out

FIQ - Fast Interrupt Request (on ARM processors)

FPC - Fairisle Port Controller FPC1 -Fairisle Port Controller Revision 1 FPC2 - Fairisle Port Controller Revision 2 FPC3 - Fairisle Port Controller Revision 3 FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array FRC - Free Running Clock

FUNI - Frame-based User-to-Network Interface (ATM Forum)

GCRA - Generic Cell Rate Algorithm

GFC - Generic Flow Control (a 4 bit field in a B-ISDN cell header)

H.261 - A constant bit rate video compression standard

HBFG - Host Behavior Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

HEC - Header Error Control

HEC - Header Error Check (an 8 bit CRC in a B-ISDN cell)

IASG - Internetwork Address Sub-Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

IBSG - Internetwork Broadcast Sub-Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

IBUFG - Internetwork BroadcaslAJnknown Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

ICFG - IASG Coordination Function Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

IDL - Interface Definition Language (part of ANSA)

IDU - Interface Data Unit (UNI 3.0)

IE - Information Element

IISP - Interim Inter-Switch Signaling Protocol aka. P-NNI Phase 0 ILMI - Interim Local Management Interface IOB - Input Output Block (on a Xilinx FPGA)

IOC - Input Output Controller IP - Internet Protocol IP A - India Pale Ale IRQ - Interrupt Request

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network ISO - International Standards Organisation ITU - International Telecommunication Union

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (a video compression standard) JSAC - Journal Select Area Communications ("jay sack")

LAN - Local Area Network

LANE - LAN Emulation (ATM Forum)

LCA - Logic Cell Array

LCD - Loss of Cell Delineation

LCT - Last Compliance Time (used in GCRA definition)

LE - LAN Emulation (also, LANE)

LEC - LAN Emulation Client (ATM Forum LANE)

LES - LAN Emulation Server (ATM Forum LANE)

LGN - Logical Group Node (ATM Forum, PNNI)

LIS - Logical IP Subnet (rfcl577)

LOF - Loss of Frame (UNI Fault Management)

LOP - Loss of Pointer (UNI Fault Management)

LOS - Loss of Signal (UNI Fault Management)

LRU - Least Recently Used

LTE - Line Terminating Equipment (SONET)


MAC - Media Access Control

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

MARS - Multicast Address Resolution Service

MCR - Minimum Cell Rate

MDH9 - The DAN CPU Node

MDL - Media Data Link

MEMC -r- Memory Controller

MID - Message IDentifier

MIDDL - Mothy's Interface Definition Language

MMU -** Memory Management Unit

MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group (a video compression standard) MPOA - Multiprotocol Over ATM (ATM Forum)

MPS - Message Passing Service (part of ANSA)

MS - Maximum Burst Size MSDL - MultiService Data Link

MSDR - MultiService Data Representation (the wire data format for MSRPC)

MSNA - MultiService Network Architecture

MSNL - MultiService Network Layer

MSRPC - MultiService RPC

MSRPC2 - MultiService RPC Version 2

NACK -Negative Acknowledgement NBMA - Non-Broadcast Multiple Access NETCON -Network Console

NEXT - Near End Crosstalk (adverse phenomenon accociated with high frequencies over twisted-pairwiring, measured in decibels)

NHRP - Next Hop Routing Protocol (from IETF ROLC WG)

NIU -Network Interface Unit

NLPID - Network Layer Protocol Identifier

NNI - Network Node Interface

NNI-Network Network Interface

NOSSDAV - Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video («nose dive»)

NPC - Null Port Controller

NSAP -Network Layer Service Access Point

OAM - Operations and Managementv

OC12 - 622 Mbit/sec

OC3 - 155 Mbit/sec

OCD - out-of-cell Delineation (UNI 3.0 Section

ORL - Olivetti Research Limited (Cambridge)

OS - Operating System OSI - Open Systems Interconnection PAL - Programmable Array Logic PCB - Printed Circuit Board PCR - Peak Cell Rate (UNI 3.0)

PDH - Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy

PDU - Protocol Data Unit

PDU - Protocol Data Unit (a packet)

PGL - Peer Group Leader (ATM Forum, PNNI)

PIO - Programmed Input Output

PLCP - Physical Layer Convergence Procedure/Protocol (IEEE 802.6)

PL-OU - Physical Layer Overhead Unit (UNI physical layer frame definition) PLT - Payload Type (a 3 bit field in a B-ISDN cell header)

PMD - Physical Media Dependent PMP - Point to Multipoint (UNI 3.0)

PNNI - Private Network Node Interface or Private Network-to-Network Interface (both are correct.ATM Forum, PNNI SWG)

POH - Path Overhead (SONET)

POI - Path Overhead Indicator

PTE - Path Terminating Equipment (SONET)

PTI - Payload Type Identifier PTM - Packet Transfer Mode

PTSE - PNNI Topology State Element (ATM Forum, PNNI)

PTSP - PNNI Topology State Packet

PVC - Permanent Virtual Channel

Q.93B - The Standard (i.e. awful) ATM signalling protocol

QoS - Quality of Service

QOS - Quality of Service

RARP - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RDI - Remote Defect Indicator (UNI Fault Management)

REX - Remote Execution Protocol (part of ANSA)

RGB - Red, Green, Blue (video decomposition)

RISC - Reduced Instruction Set Computer RPC - Remote Procedure Call

RSFG - Route Server Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

SAAL - Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer SAM - Serial Access Memory

SAP - Service Access Point (a communications endpoint)

SAR - Segmentation and Reassembly (as in SAR_PDU)

SAR- Segmentation and Reassembly SAS - Single Address Space SBUS - Sun Bus

SCR - Sustainable Cell Rate (UNI 3.0)

SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SDL - Standard Data Link

SDU - Service Data Unit (as in AAL_SDU)

SDU - Service Data Unit (a packet)

SEAL - Simple and Efficient Adaptation Layer (AAL5)

SECB - Severely Errored Cell Block

SIR - Sustained Information Rate

SMDS - Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service

SNAP - SubNetwork Attachment Point (see IEEE 802. la)

SNDCF •- Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Function (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

SOC - Start of Cell

SONET - Synchronous Optical Network SPROING -To Break SRAM - Static RAM SRTS - Synchronous Residual Time Stamp SSCF - Service Specific Coordination Function SSCOP - Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol SSCOP - Signalling System Common Operations Protocol (the standard (i.e. awful) transport protocol for carrying Q.93B)

SSCS - Service Specific Convergence Sublayer STE - Section Terminating Equipment (SONET)

STM - Synchronous Transfer Mode

STS1 -155 Mbit/sec

STS4 -622 Mbit/sec

SVC - Switched Virtual Channel

T1 - 1.5 Mbit/sec

T3 -45 Mbit/sec

TAT - Theoretical Arrival Time (used in GCRA definition)

TAXI - Transparent asynchronous transmitter/receiver interface TAXI - Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface TBUF - Tristate Buffer (on a Xilinx FPGA)

TC - Transmission Convergence

TDM - Time Division Multiplexing

TIG - Topology Information Group (ATM Forum, PNNI)

TLB - Translation Lookaside Buffer TPDRAM - Triple Ported DRAM TUC - Total User Cell count TUCD - Total User Cell Difference UDL - Unison Data Link

UME - UNI Management Entity (used in ILMI definition)

UNI - User Network Interface

UPC - Usage Parameter Control

VBR - Variable Bit Rate

VC - Virtual Channel or Virtual Circuit

VCI - Virtual Circuit Identifier (also Virtual Channel Identifier)

VCL - Virtual Channel Link (UNI 3.0)

VINCE - Vendor Independent Network Control Entity

VM - Virtual Memory

VP - Virtual Path

VPC - Virtual Path Connection

VPCI - Virtual Path Connection Identifier

VPI - Virtual Path Identifier

VPL - Virtual Path Link (UNI 3.0)

VPT - Virtual Path Terminator (UNI 3.0)

VRAM -Video RAM WAN - Wide Area Network WDBS - Wanda Dumb Boot Server WDFS - Wanda Dumb File System WJWP - Wanda Jumping Window Police

XDR - External Data Representation (the wire data format for SUN RPC)

Xi3 - Xilinx revision 3 Xi5 - Xilinx revision 5 Xi6 - Xilinx revision 6 XTB - Xilinx Teaching Board

YCC - Luminance Chrominance Chrominance (video decomposition)

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