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  glXWaitX - complete X	execution prior	to subsequent OpenGL calls

C Specification

  void glXWaitX( void )


  X rendering calls made prior to glXWaitX are guaranteed to be	executed
  before OpenGL	rendering calls	made after glXWaitX.  Although this same
  result can be	achieved using XSync, glXWaitX does not	require	a round	trip
  to the server, and it	is therefore more efficient in cases where client and
  server are on	separate machines.

  glXWaitX is ignored if there is no current GLX context.


  glXWaitX may or may not flush	the OpenGL stream.


  GLXBadCurrentWindow is generated if the drawable associated with the
  current context of the calling thread	is a window, and that window is	no
  longer valid.

See Also

  glFinish, glFlush, glXWaitGL,	XSync

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