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  glFlush - force execution of GL commands in finite time

C Specification

  void glFlush(	void )


  Different GL implementations buffer commands in several different
  locations, including network buffers and the graphics	accelerator itself.
  glFlush empties all of these buffers,	causing	all issued commands to be
  executed as quickly as they are accepted by the actual rendering engine.
  Though this execution	may not	be completed in	any particular time period,
  it does complete in finite time.

  Because any GL program might be executed over	a network, or on an
  accelerator that buffers commands, all programs should call glFlush
  whenever they	count on having	all of their previously	issued commands
  completed.  For example, call	glFlush	before waiting for user	input that
  depends on the generated image.


  glFlush can return at	any time.  It does not wait until the execution	of
  all previously issued	OpenGL commands	is complete.


  GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glFlush is executed between the
  execution of	glBegin	and the	corresponding execution	of glEnd.

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