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Shadow Real-time soft shadows. Press 'h' for a help menu. Drag the middle mouse button to rotate the scene.
Signal Demonstration of picking and rendering luminous objects. Drag the middle mouse button to spin the object. Move the mouse over the bulbs to light them.
Simplecap Simple demonstration of using OpenGL's stencil test to cap clipped objects.
Simpleci Simple program that shows how to do multi-colored material lighting in color index mode.
Smooth Wavefront .OBJ file format model reader/writer manipulator. Use the left mouse button to move, middle mouse button to rotate and right mouse button for menu.
Starfield An example of a scrolling starfield in OpenGL. You really have to see this one in action to appreciate it! Screen-saver mode also available (#define SCREEN_SAVER_MODE when compiling).
Statue This image is a snapshot of a program I wrote called "statue". It shows off the texturing and blending features of OpenGL. I wrote the main algorithm for the reflectance about 3 years ago, and nothing really came of it. But at SIGGRAPH '95, SGI was showing off the same effect, and I started to spice up my old program (it was called "mirror"). This is the result. Quite amazing reflection for real-time rendering.
Strip A simple program to show how to do a 'swaptmesh' to generate a longer triangle strip in OpenGL.
Teapots This program demonstrates lots of material properties. A single light source illuminates the objects.
Texenv Demonstrates texture environment modes and internal image formats.
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