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Gliq An OpenGL version of the pegboard game IQ.
Hello World This program essentially opens a window, clears it, sets the drawing color, draws the object, and flushes the drawing buffer. It then goes into an infinite loop accepting events and calling the appropriate functions.
Light This example is a modification Polygons_List.c to use lighting. The three sided sphere was changed to a four-sided sphere to make calculating the normal vectors easier.
List This program demonstrates how to make and execute a display list. Note that attributes, such as current color and matrix, are changed.
Lorenz This program shows some particles stuck in a Lorenz attractor (the parameters used are r=28, b=8/3, sigma=10). The eye is attracted to the red particle, with a force directly proportionate to distance. A command line puts the whole mess inside a box made of hexagons. I think this helps to maintain the illusion of 3 dimensions, but it can slow things down. Other options allow you to play with the redraw rate and the number of new lines per redraw. So you can customize it to the speed of your machine.
Maiden A killer "Iron Maiden rocks out with OpenGL" demo (according to Mark Kilgard). I wrote this program for the OpenGL Developer Labs. It has a performance counter and metrics for how many pixels were filled per frame.
Maze In this little demo the player navigates through a simple maze using the arrow keys. The maze is defined by a 2D array where each element in the array indicates solid or empty space. This program wraps polygon (quad) walls around the solid space and disallows the player to navigate into solid space during the demo. Note that all the walls are limited to being 90 degrees to each other - there are no "angled" features. The purpose of this sample program is to show a beginning 3D game programmer some things they can do. One other cool thing that this program does is that it constucts a single quad strip to draw all the walls by doing a recursive depth first search on the maze array data.
Meshview Simple program to visualize a mesh with a color ramp scale. Press 'h' for a help menu. Specify a data file as a command line argument.
Multiview A program that shows how to use multiple viewports in a single context (using scissoring). Macros are provided for doing top, bottom, left, right & perspective views.
Nii Network Integration Incorporated logo. The dot on the "i" spins around. I wrote this for my friends SCott and Todd who have a vested interest in NII.
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