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  gluQuadricCallback - define a	callback for a quadrics	object

C Specification

  void gluQuadricCallback( GLUquadricObj *qobj,
			   GLenum which,
			   void	(*fn)( )


  qobj	 Specifies the quadrics	object (created	with gluNewQuadric).

  which	 Specifies the callback	being defined.	The only valid value is

  fn	 Specifies the function	to be called.


  gluQuadricCallback is	used to	define a new callback to be used by a
  quadrics object.  If the specified callback is already defined, then it is
  replaced.  If	fn is NULL, then any existing callback is erased.

  The one legal	callback is GLU_ERROR:

  GLU_ERROR	 The function is called	when an	error is encountered.  Its
		 single	argument is of type GLenum, and	it indicates the
		 specific error	that occurred.	Character strings describing
		 these errors can be retrieved with the	gluErrorString call.

See Also

  gluErrorString, gluNewQuadric

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