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  gluPwlCurve -	describe a piecewise linear NURBS trimming curve

C Specification

  void gluPwlCurve( GLUnurbsObj	*nobj,
		    GLint count,
		    GLfloat *array,
		    GLint stride,
		    GLenum type	)


  nobj	  Specifies the	NURBS object (created with gluNewNurbsRenderer).

  count	  Specifies the	number of points on the	curve.

  array	  Specifies an array containing	the curve points.

  stride  Specifies the	offset (a number of single-precision floating-point
	  values) between points on the	curve.

  type	  Specifies the	type of	curve.	Must be	either GLU_MAP1_TRIM_2 or


  gluPwlCurve describes	a piecewise linear trimming curve for a	NURBS
  surface.  A piecewise	linear curve consists of a list	of coordinates of
  points in the	parameter space	for the	NURBS surface to be trimmed.  These
  points are connected with line segments to form a curve.  If the curve is
  an approximation to a	real curve, the	points should be close enough that
  the resulting	path appears curved at the resolution used in the

  If type is GLU_MAP1_TRIM_2, then it describes	a curve	in two-dimensional (u
  and v) parameter space.  If it is GLU_MAP1_TRIM_3, then it describes a
  curve	in two-dimensional homogeneous (u, v, and w) parameter space.  Please
  refer	to the	gluBeginTrim reference page for	more information about
  trimming curves.


  To describe a	trim curve which closely follows the contours of a Nurbs
  surface use gluNurbsCurve.

See Also

  gluBeginCurve, gluBeginTrim, gluNewNurbsRenderer, gluNurbsCurve

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