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  gluProject - map object coordinates to window	coordinates

C Specification

  int gluProject( GLdouble objx,
		  GLdouble objy,
		  GLdouble objz,
		  const	GLdouble modelMatrix[16],
		  const	GLdouble projMatrix[16],
		  const	GLint viewport[4],
		  GLdouble *winx,
		  GLdouble *winy,
		  GLdouble *winz )


  objx,	objy, objz
		  Specify the object coordinates.

  modelMatrix	  Specifies the	current	modelview matrix (as from a
		  glGetDoublev call).

  projMatrix	  Specifies the	current	projection matrix (as from a
		  glGetDoublev call).

  viewport	  Specifies the	current	viewport (as from a glGetIntegerv

  winx,	winy, winz
		  Return the computed window coordinates.


  gluProject transforms	the specified object coordinates into window
  coordinates using modelMatrix, projMatrix, and viewport.  The	result is
  stored in winx, winy,	and winz.  A return value of GL_TRUE indicates
  success, and GL_FALSE	indicates failure.

See Also

  glGet, gluUnProject

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