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  glXQueryExtension - indicate whether the GLX extension is supported

C Specification

  Bool glXQueryExtension( Display *dpy,
			  int *errorBase,
			  int *eventBase )


  dpy	     Specifies the connection to the X server.

  errorBase  Returns the base error code of the	GLX server extension.

  eventBase  Returns the base event code of the	GLX server extension.


  glXQueryExtension returns True if the	X server of connection dpy supports
  the GLX extension, False otherwise.  If True is returned, then errorBase
  and eventBase	return the error base and event	base of	the GLX	extension.
  Otherwise, errorBase and eventBase are unchanged.

  errorBase and	eventBase do not return	values if they are specified as	NULL.


  eventBase is included	for future extensions.	GLX does not currently define
  any events.

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