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  glXCreateGLXPixmap - create an off-screen GLX	rendering area

C Specification

  GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap(	Display	*dpy,
				XVisualInfo *vis,
				Pixmap pixmap )


  dpy	  Specifies the	connection to the X server.

  vis	  Specifies the	visual that defines the	structure of the rendering
	  area.	 It is a pointer to an XVisualInfo structure, not a visual ID
	  or a pointer to a Visual.

  pixmap  Specifies the	X pixmap that will be used as the front	left color
	  buffer of the	off-screen rendering area.


  glXCreateGLXPixmap creates an	off-screen rendering area and returns its
  XID.	Any GLX	rendering context that was created with	respect	to vis can be
  used to render into this off-screen area.  Use glXMakeCurrent	to associate
  the rendering	area with a GLX	rendering context.

  The X	pixmap identified by pixmap is used as the front left buffer of	the
  resulting off-screen rendering area.	All other buffers specified by vis,
  including color buffers other	than the front left buffer, are	created
  without externally visible names.  GLX pixmaps with double-buffering are
  supported.  However, glXSwapBuffers is ignored by these pixmaps.

  Direct rendering contexts cannot be used to render into GLX pixmaps.


  XVisualInfo is defined in Xutil.h.  It is a structure	that includes visual,
  visualID, screen, and	depth elements.


  BadMatch is generated	if the depth of	pixmap does not	match the
  GLX_BUFFER_SIZE value	of vis,	or if pixmap was not created with respect to
  the same screen as vis.

  BadValue is generated	if vis is not a	valid XVisualInfo pointer (e.g., if
  the GLX implementation does not support this visual).

  BadPixmap is generated if pixmap is not a valid pixmap.

  BadAlloc is generated	if the server cannot allocate the GLX pixmap.

See Also

  glXCreateContext, glXIsDirect, glXMakeCurrent

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