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  glLoadMatrixd, glLoadMatrixf - replace the current matrix with an arbitrary

C Specification

  void glLoadMatrixd( const GLdouble *m	)
  void glLoadMatrixf( const GLfloat *m )


  m  Specifies a pointer to a 4x4 matrix stored	in column-major	order as
     sixteen consecutive values.


  glLoadMatrix replaces	the current matrix with	the one	specified in m.	 The
  current matrix is the	projection matrix, modelview matrix, or	texture
  matrix, determined by	the current matrix mode	(see glMatrixMode).

  m points to a	4x4 matrix of single- or double-precision floating-point
  values stored	in column-major	order.	That is, the matrix is stored as

			      |a0  a4  a8   a12|
			      |		       |
			      |a1  a5  a9   a13|
			      |		       |
			      |a2  a6  a10  a14|
			      |		       |
			      |a3  a7  a11  a15|
			      |		       |


  GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glLoadMatrix is called between a	call
  to glBegin and the corresponding call	to glEnd.

Associated Gets

  glGet	with argument GL_MATRIX_MODE
  glGet	with argument GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX
  glGet	with argument GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX
  glGet	with argument GL_TEXTURE_MATRIX

See Also

  glLoadIdentity, glMatrixMode,	glMultMatrix, glPushMatrix

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